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How to Check out Whether the CC Proxy Server is Available To use CCProxy, you first of all need to make sure that clients can connect to the CCProxy server via the proxy port. The default port settings of CCProxy are as bellow: Figure 1 For most users, they only use HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS proxy. As a result, they just need to concentrate on port 808 and 1080. JMeter HTTP Proxy server is not recording - Stack Overflow I used the sample guide provided in jmeter using HTTP PROXY SERVER but my record controller was not recording any requests. After doing a lot of research and here is what the complete scenario is. I am accessing external sites using company proxy server. So, after a bit of research, I understand I need to start my jmeter by supplying all I use a proxy server to access HeinOnline and Dropbox isn

JMeter HTTP Proxy server is not recording - Stack Overflow

The proxy server isn’t responding Feb 17, 2015 Fix: Website is Online but isn't Responding to Connection In such an event, you’ll have to turn off both manual and automatic proxy settings. Here’s how: Press Winkey + I to open Settings. Go to Network and Internet. On the left-hand side pane, click Proxy. Turn off ‘Automatic proxy setup’ and then scroll down to turn off ‘Manual proxy setup’. Windows Proxy Settings; Reconnect to your network.

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