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c# - Setting multiple SMTP settings in web.config? - Stack I needed to have different smtp configurations in the web.config depending on the environment: dev, staging and production. Here's what I ended up using: Mail - Are Multiple SMTP servers possible? - Apple Community Jan 22, 2008 Rails ActionMailer with multiple SMTP servers - Stack Overflow Rails ActionMailer with multiple SMTP servers. Ask Question Asked 10 years, 1 month ago. Active 7 months ago. Viewed 16k times 31. 12. I have a need to use two different smtp servers in a Rails application. It appears that the way ActionMailer is constructed, it is not possible to have different smtp_settings for a subclass. How to use multiple email smtp address in IIS smtp relay

If your Customer.io subscription is on the Premium plan, you can configure multiple custom SMTP servers to have greater control over your deliverability. Getting started. First, you will need to configure your primary custom SMTP server. By default your first custom SMTP server will be set to send all your Customer.io email messages.

You may also select the server's Priority.See the Configuring e-mail processing section below for more information about server priority.. If there are multiple sites running under your application, you can assign servers to individual websites on the Sites tab. SMTP servers can either be global or limited to one or more specific websites.. Configuring e-mail processing

Jun 17, 2020

You can operate multiple ourgoing SMTP servers and what you probably want to do is to set up an SPF record in your public DNS namespace that identifies all SMTP servers that are authorized to send email for your domain. Also set up appropriate A and PTR records … Bulletproof-Servers.net - Bulletproof Hosting, Bulletproof *Multiple Bulletproof Locations Bulletproof SMTP Server Starting at $75.00/monthly. High Inbox Rate,Dedicated IPs / Rotation Config, SPF Setup , DKIM Setup , rDNS Setup, DMARC Policy Setup, SSL/TLS connection support, Free IP replacement, Full Email Logs Access. Choose Plan c# - Setting multiple SMTP settings in web.config? - Stack