Apr 02, 2019

Will an SSD Make My PS4 Faster? | PS4 Storage Expert Thus, they can’t handle the powerful resources of SSDs like computers do. Therefore, the performance improvement an SSD offers to PS4 is lower and more limited as compared to computers. So, YES, PS4 will become faster with an SSD, but not as fast as a computer. An SSD can improve the overall performance of PS4 to up to 50%. But, that’s not all. How to update games on a PS4 in 2 different ways You can let your PS4 do this automatically in the background, which is convenient because it will even do this when the PS4 is in standby mode. Or, if you're in a hurry to get an update, you can Can You Use PS4 Controller on PS5? - Guide - Push Square

Can steam games be readily transferred between PS4 and PC

I am going to buy EA access on my PS4 and i am also getting an Xbox One X later on as gift and what i wanted to know was can I use the EA access subscription i am paying for in PS4 on my Xbox One X, or will i have to pay again for another EA access subscription for xbox. PS4: Information about Family on PSN

You can only do this once every 6 months so you know but from the sound of it someone has registered their PS4 as primary with your account. Valkyria Chronicles is the best RPG last gen! Matt-Moores - Taking awesome to a whole new level.

Connect a PS4 controller to your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV Let's start with the PS4 controllers. The first thing you want to do is to make sure your controller is all charged up. Amazon.com: ps4