I know in the Linksys firmware, there was a VLAN tab, although I never tried it. So, does anyone enlighten me on if there is a solution for adding VLANs to this router with DD-WRT? And if so, is it also possible to assign each LAN port to a different VLAN? Thanks, Mike

Nov 02, 2014 · This video shows how to share home wiring with tagged VLANs and DD-WRT, simulating two WAN connections for separate use in one home. See the blog article at Multiple issues with VLANs & Ports (GUI DD-WRT Setup -> VLANs) ->Display only 4 ports however this device (ASUS RT-AC88U/AC5300) is built with 8 LAN ports ->Port 1 doesn't match real Port 1, same for Port 2 ->Submiting (save button) without any change create loose of router Available to give some help / details if necessary To create a new VLAN: swconfig dev switch0 vlan 5 set ports "2 3 4 5t" Notice the "t" after virtual port 5, this marks that port as "tagged", the rest of the ports are untagged ports. On an untagged port, every packet that is received on that port is automatically assumed to be a member of the VLAN to which that port is assigned. It does support VLAN trunking with DD-WRT and I am able to create a separate VLAN for Guest Access with a VWLAN. Right now the Kong Mod firmware seems to have an issue using the WAN Port for VLAN trunking and so a LAN port on the R8000 must be used for VLAN Trunk. Try another build of DD-WRT. Go on their forums they usually recommend an older build. If there's a version of that build compatible with your device, try that. Post screenshots of your dd-wrt and switch config. I'm currently on my 4th Broadcom router with dd-wrt and VLAN multi-SSID.

Sep 23, 2019 · DD-WRT web gui can only manage VLAN 0 – 15. To use VLAN higher than 15, we would use startup script (startup commands) to perform the setup. This startup script is executed once every time the router finishes rebooting. Note: VLAN 16 – 21 are used for other purposes.

How to set up Vlans on a DD-WRT device? I'm trying to understand how dd-wrt devices work, I mean, something that is a higher level than just basic setup. It's now time to learn how to set up Vlans in a DD-WRT.

What you can do with VLAN support in DD-WRT: Create different subnets for each Ethernet port or groups of ports Make LAN ports function as WAN ports 802.1q tagging so that a single port can carry frames for multiple VLAN's

May 10, 2020 · DD-WRT is an open-source router firmware upgrade project created to enhance the performance and features of consumer wireless routers. It is used by many networking-savvy users to enhance wireless router stability, privacy, and (most importantly) network security. We have a Linksys E2000 flashed with DD-WRT, and an 8-port Cisco ESW 540 switch to play with for the quarantine bench. We tried using the Linksys alone, connected to the DSL modem, using the Linksys for DHCP and setup separate VLANs, etc but nothing has worked. We receive one of three results: Netgear R6700 DD-WRT FlashRouter . Special Price $149.99 Regular Price $159.99. View Product Add to Compare. Netgear R9000 DD-WRT FlashRouter Apr 24, 2015 · The configuration for the DD-Wrt is stored in nonvolatile memory (nvram). The configuration can be shown as described in the DD-Wrt document Switched Ports. Update: More info about VLAN on Netgear r7800 found 'here in dd-wrt forums.' EA8500 VLAN Detached Networks with DD-WRT. This is fairly simple once you get your head around it. One thing that makes it a little easier with the EA8500, physical port numbers match switch numbers. I'm going to show some configurations and let you go from there. DD-WRT has been impressing users since its inception in 2005, and is the go-to alternative router firmware due to its longevity of existence and support of the largest array of devices. Consequently, DD-WRT can claim the largest community of users. It's the backbone of what we do here at FlashRouters.