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Jul 16, 2020 Pakistan Latest News 🇵🇰 - YouTube From Peshawar residents to the Thar coal project, follow the latest on the South Asian country in this Al Jazeera English playlist. 12 Best Free YouTube Alternatives (2020) - Video Sites Mar 16, 2020

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Feb 18, 2018 10 Best YouTube Alternatives for Pakistanis | Dailymotion. It is the second largest video sharing site in the world. It quite looks like you tube. To …

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Due to the BAN of youtube in Pakistan in past some years, other videos sites took the great advantage of that opportunity and build there place strongly on internet. Top ten videos sites in Pakistan are :-1) is the leading video sharing website in the Pakistan. According to the seomastering this is 8 years old website, and it Top Pakistani Youtubers with most subscribers 2020 | Bradri. Mar 25, 2020 What's the real reason behind the YouTube ban in Pakistan In 2008, Youtube was banned in Pakistan because of the videos made on the Muslim's final prophet "Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W" commonly known as "Prophet Muhammad". Those videos caused a huge uproar in nationwide and they demanded "Youtube" to remove th Top 10 Pakistani Youtubers That You Must Follow|